The ND 1200 digital readouts can support up to four axes, and function as measuring computers for 2-D geometries. They are mainly suited to optical comparators, measuring microscopes and 2-D measuring machines.

The ND 1200 QUADRA-CHEK digital readouts have a monochrome flat-panel screen for displayed values, dialogs and inputs, graphics functions and soft keys. The robust, diecast aluminum enclosure meets the demands of metrology and production control.

The appropriate combination of defined function keys and context-dependent soft keys always provides you with a clear overview. The innovative operator guidance provides self-explanatory information about the various functions. It already supports you while setting up the coordinate system (aligning the part and specifying the datum).

Predefined features (point, line, circle) are available for measurement. The “Measure Magic” function makes measurement especially easy: it selects that feature which best matches the shape implied by the points probed. In addition, you can establish relationships (distances, angles) between features.

You can apply tolerance values to features and relationships. Only those tolerances actually possible are offered for the selected feature. You can create or automatically record measuring programs for repeated parts. The digital readout graphically takes you to the next measurement position during program run.

The ND 1200 captures measurement points of plane contours (2-D) either manually via crosshairs or, as an option, automatically via the optical edge detector.

Graphic display
In addition to the position values, the ND 1200 also displays the features graphically. Along with the individual measurement points, the geometrical and arithmetical deviations are also shown. Furthermore, for circles the maximum inscribed circles and minimum circumscribed circles are shown.

You can apply tolerance values to any feature. Only those tolerances actually possible are offered for the selected feature. This means that a point can only be assigned a tolerance check for its position, whereas a circle can be assigned position, shape and size tolerances.

Defining features
You can use the QUADRA-CHEK digital readouts to define features yourself. For example, this could be a circle whose position and dimensions are exactly defined, or an alignment line that is at a specified angle to a measurable line.

Measure Magic
The Measure Magic function recognizes the geometric pattern based on the distribution of the measurement points, and automatically calculates which feature it is, such as a point, line or circle. If the measurement points are poorly chosen, then it may not be possible to determine the feature unambiguously. Measure Magic then chooses the more common version. You can have the feature be displayed graphically, and then select from the possibilities.

Data interfaces
You use the data interfaces to output measurement points as well as to load and save settings, compensation values and programs. The RS-232-C/V.24 serial interface enables communication with a PC. You can connect printers or memorymedia to the USB port.

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