SVI-CMM Series

  • Highly precise & stiffair bearing technology improvesmotion precision of the machine.
  • Granite table confirming to din 876 standards ensure perfect flatness of the table.
  • Accurate drive systems provide faster and better motion capability.
  • Hollow z-axis structure reduces distortion of its own.
  • Options of vision probe and laser probe improves the speed and measuring capabilities
  • Advanced mechanical design resulting in high speed & accuracy
Model No.:SVI-CMM-442SVI-CMM-554SVI-CMM-775SVI-CMM-8106
Measuring Range400 X 450 X 250500 X 500 X 400700 X 700 X 500800 X 1000 X 600
Linear Accuracy U12+L/200 µm1.5+L/200 µm1.5+L/200 µm1.5+L/200 µm
MPEE U34+L/100 µm3+L/200 µm3+L/200 µm4+L/150 µm
Maximum Part Weight120 Kgs/ 200 Kgs150 Kgs / 500 Kgs200 Kgs / 700 Kgs800 kgs / 1000 Kgs
Maximum Part Height250 mm400 mm500 mm600 mm
TransmissionAir Bearing in 3 axis
SoftwareIK 5000 / MSU3DPro / CAPPS
Resolution0.001 / 0.0005/0.0001 mm
RepeatabilityBy Ring Gauge (0.003mm)
Optional HardwarePC + 19" TFT Monitor
OperationManual or CNC
Base Platform & ColumnHigh Precision Granite DIN 876 Grade 0
Power Supply415-430 V+/- 5%, 50/60 HZ
Touch ProbeRenishaw MCP / MH-20 /MH2Oi / PH10T / PH10M / PH10MQ / PH2Q
Z-axis BalanceCounter Weight / Air Cylinder
Vision1/3" High Resolution CCD Camera (Optional)
MagnificationOptical Magnification 0.7X - 4.5X & Magnification on Monitor 35X - 225X
Motion Control With Joystick-Optional

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