• Measurement of Angle, Distance, Radius/Diameter
  • P.C.D
  • Blobs
  • 2D Profiles
  • Area, Perimeter
  • Form Tolerance
  • Orientation Tolerances
  • Trend Analysis
  • Position Tolerances
  • Deviation Analysis
  • Customized Reports
  • Construction Capabilities
  • Auto Part Alignment
ModelSVI-PQ-16 SVI-PQ-36SVI-PQ-64SVI-PQ-80SVI-PQ-120SVI-PQ-150
Field of View16 x 13 mm34 x 29 mm61 x 51 mm80 x 60 mm120 x 90 mm140 x 100 mm
No. of Cameras 1
Camera12MP Industrial Camera
Least Count0.1µm
Illumination-Surface (opt.)LED
Focusing RangeOptional(30mm)
Power Supply110/220V @ 50Hz ±5%
Machine Weight25Kgs to 50 Kgs
Optional HardwareLaptop with WIN7/8 operating system
Base Platform & ColumnMetal
Auto Alignment360° Compensation
Operating Temp. RangeAmbient to 30°c
Max. Measurement Point10,000
Batch ProgrammingOptional
Touch Screen MonitorOptional
TableOptionalN.A. (Floor Standing)
Software Features
Element ToolsPoint / Line / Circle / Arc / Distance / Angle
GD&TParallelism / Perpendicularity / Concentricity / Eccentricity / Ovality / Straightness
Edge DetectionAutotools / Auto Edge Detection
Application ToolsPitch Measurement / Thickness Measurement / Width Measurement
Thread AnalysisMinor Diameter / Major Diameter / Pitch / Thread Angle
Manual MeasurementYes
Coordinate System Con?gurationYes
Batch Con?guration of ToleranceYes
Element List EditingYes
Colour Measurement SystemYes
CAD InterfaceDXF Overlay
Measurement of ImagesYes

Software Desktop

Comprehensive Software Desktop with all the measuring functions just a click away. Simultaneously with the measurement you will have the result display of the measurement in front of you on the software desktop.

Integrated SPC

Inbuilt Trend Monitoring and Statistical Evaluation of any measured quantity is a prominent feature of the software.

Deviation Analysis

An advance feature to analyze each of the 1000 points on the sample helps in understanding the variation in detail.

Auto Alignment

The location and the orientation of the path are automatically adjusted. There is no need of manual alignment or preparation of any jig or fixture to start the measurement.

Report Generation

Fully customizable report format with color coded Pass /Fail. Confirm to your ISO specifications and send data directly to an ASCII, Excel or any SPC program.

Construction Capabilities

Construction of mid-lines, bolt hole circle, mid-points, intersection of two lines etc. All 2D construction are possible in this software

Easy to do Programming 

The software provides the flexibility to make new programs for new parts which are not part of standard software menu. The new software can be easily linked to the data management module for generating reports according to the any latest standard.

1/100 Pixel Image Processing

With Sub-pixel Image Processing you can measure by one hundredth or less of a pixel of the light receiving element.

DXF Overlay (CAD Interface)

The new DXF file import system allows for the display of DXF file as an overlay on the live video image. Translate and rotate of your DXF import for fit against the video image.

Batch Programming

Inbuilt Trend Monitoring and Statistical Evaluation of any measured quantity is a prominent feature of the software.

Color Coded Tolerances

The software provides the result output in a colour coded format on the result bar. The red and green display helps easy identification of pass and fail features.

Results on Images

The graphical representation displays the results of measurement on the image which simplifies the process of identification of the measurements done.

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