STM Series


A compact high precision industrial microscope featuring simplified operation
It has been developed for use in the plants manufacturing precision components, such as moldings, micro components, electronic components,  semiconductors etc.  A wide range of accessories are provided for making almost
all industrial measurements possible.

Model No:STM
Optical Head Monocular (Binocular for camera attachment)
Measuring Range50mm X 50mm X 70mm
Objective LensStandard: 2X Optional: 3X, 4X, 5X
EyepieceStandard: WF 15X (with cross hair) Optional: WF 10X, WF 20X
MagnificationStandard: 30X Optional: Upto 100X
Linear Accuracy 3 + L/200 µm
Repeatability ±2 µm
Workstage Size 160mm X 160mm for micrometers and 260mm X 260mm for D.R.O. and software
Measuring Range or Travel50mm X 50mm for micrometers and 100mm X 100mm for D.R.O. and software
Measurement MethodMicrometer/ D.R.O. / Software
Resolution15µm / 1µm / 0.5µm
Eyepiece Protector 0-360° with adjustable vernier of least count 6 mins.
Focusing Range100mm
IlluminationContour: Built-in Base Halogen Lamp
Surface: Incident Light from 2 Halogen Lamps
Optional Hardware
A. Workpiece Holding DevicesMicrometer Measuring Rotary Stage, Center Holding Device, V.Block, Vee Support.
B. Depth Measuring AttachmentFor precise measurement of height/depth of any specimen (Z-Axis).
C. Measuring ReticlesMR-200 Metric Coarse Thread 0.25-1.0mm, MR-201 Metric Coarse Thread 1.25-2.0mm, MR-202 Concentric Table 0.05mm-4.0mm, MR-203 55 Angle, MR-204 60 Angle, MR-205 Whitworth 60-26 TPI, MR-206 Whiteworth 24-18 TPI
D. FME Filar Micrometer EyepieceHaving 10X magnification with movable measuring line and cross hair adjustable by micrometer knobs reading 0.01mm and stage micrometer (Detailed leaflet on request)
E. PROJECTION ATTACHMENTComprising of a projection screen dia 90mm; to be placed on the viewing eyepiece inclined at 30° and you can get a sharp focused image for measurement.

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